You Have Alternatives!

“For most of my life I had always been a very high energy kind of person.  But then, over time, I began to lose that energy and vitality.  It got to a point where I just felt “crappy” all the time.  My regular doctor tried several treatments with no results.  So, I tried going to an Alternative Doctor.  He detected thyroid issues and also found lead poisoning in my body.  He treated me for three (3) years.  But, in the end, I still felt bad and had no energy.  I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!

Finally, a friend suggested a Meridian Stress Analyst in Winston Salem, NC.  I made an appointment, hoping this person would be able to help me.  She ran tests and discovered thyroid problems and nutritional deficiencies.  She put me on a variety of supplements.  Within six weeks I felt better, both physically and mentally: more energetic and more alert, too.

I was so impressed; I asked my Analyst where she got her training.  She referred me to another Meridian Stress Analyst in Georgia.  There they ran additional tests and found mercury in my system along with more nutritional deficiencies.  I began receiving treatment for these issues, as well.

Today, thanks to Meridian, I finally have my energy and vitality back! The Meridian Stress diagnostic and treatment program made such an impact in my life; I ended up getting my own certification in Meridian Stress Analysis.  If you too are tired of feeling “sick and tired” every day, perhaps Meridian can help you as much as it has helped me.”

Gail Rowe

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